Israel’s billions


Jewish swindlers and international financiers

Jews have a very particular relationship with money. This is not a hateful “anti-Semitic prejudice”, but a tangible reality, as Jews are vastly overrepresented among the world’s billionaires.

Since time immemorial, scattered in all countries, they are famous for having dedicated themselves to the great international trade. They are also, for centuries, the masters of banking and speculation. Naturally, all international financiers are not Jews – far from it -, and conversely, all Jews do not exercise these trades. But it is undeniable that they have played and continue to play a crucial role.

They are also the kings of swindles. The records in the field are continually being pulverized by them; not simply surpassed, but actually “pulverized” in an astonishing way, to such an extent that the cases described above in The Jewish Mafia (2008) seem distant cases from another era. Again, it must be emphasized that all swindlers are not Jews, and all Jews are not swindlers. But one cannot easily hide the fact that the vast majority of international scammers are members of this community.

These considerations become more understandable once one knows the intellectual basis of the phenomenon and understands the moral foundations underpinning Judaism.

Israel’s Billions (2014) is Hervé Ryssen’s tenth book. It completes a series of books published since 2005 that represents the most important study ever undertaken on the Jewish spirit and cosmopolitan mentality.

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