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  • The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics

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    A reading of this work on “The founding myths of the policy of Israel” must not engender any religious or political confusion. Criticism of the Zionist interpretation of the Torah and of the “historical books” (especially those of Joshua, Samuel and Kings) in no way implies an underestimation of the Bible or what it too has revealed of man’s human and divine epic. Abraham’s sacrifice is the eternal model of how a man can go beyond temporary morality and the fragile logic on which it is based, in the name of unconditional values that make morality a relative value. In the same way, the Exodus remains a symbol of a… Read More

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    The Globalists and the Islamists – Fomenting the “clash of civilizations” for a New World Order

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    The following study will take a look at the history of the region that America has become entangled in, a region that used to be, and to some degree still is, almost entirely controlled by Britain. Is this current “War On Terror” truly a war to bring freedom to the region and to promote traditional American ideals, or is it a power-play to solidify global American hegemony? And what does Britain have to gain? Britain appears to be our greatest ally but it must be understood that British geo-strategists are the masters of political manipulation and subversion. Even as the physical British colonial empire was declining in the first half… Read More

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